This is a highly-competitive sector and we are continually adapting the food to the different nutritional requirements according to the age of the animals. We design tailor-made feeds for each one of the categories always with the aim of achieving the greatest rates of fertility and productivity in females, with large numbers of young, low mortality on weaning and a high rate of conversion in the final product.

Breeding sows
The needs of this group of animals, which are of an age of less than six months and are in development in order to be future breeders, involve greater metabolisable energy requirements than pregnant sows, as well as increasing the percentage of gross protein.

Pregnant sows
We have a complete feed to prevent loss of weight during lactation and to cut down the interval between litters. We know that during gestation it is necessary to provide all the nutrients for proper development of the foetuses, re-establishing the weight of the sows, preparing her for her next litter and preventing problems of constipation.

Nursing sows
Nursing sows present greater energy, protein and lisine requirements.

Nursery pigs
After weaning and up to 25 kg live weight, piglets receive a feed with a high protein content and essential amino-acids such as triptophane, metionine and lisine.

Starting pigs
From 25 to 60 kilos, this is the growth stage, at which the animal still needs high levels of energy and protein but to a lesser extent than at the previous stage.

Grow-finish pigs
Finally we reach the grow-finish stage, where the most important thing is that the animal should have developed correctly so as to achieve its ideal weight in the least time possible.