We deal in everything from the reproductive mothers, the young rabbits after weaning, the later growth phase and finally a withdrawal feed. We present our plus range which covers all the stages of young rabbits and their parents.

The high quality of the raw materials used in the preparation of our feeds allow us to hold a leading position in the Canarian rabbit breeding sector.

We offer feeds for reproducers with a gross fibre of 15%, NDF of about 38 and net energy of 2500 kcal/kg.

First week after weaning
The young rabbits after the first week of weaning will receive a feed with a larger amount of gross fibre as well as a lower calorie supply.

Fattening of young rabbits
The level of starch will at all times be below 12% so as to prevent diarrhoea. The level of gross fibre will be held to about 16% and calcium at 1%.

Final week
The withdrawal feed facilitates the final shaping of the product and thus prevents alterations of an organoleptic nature in it.