Goats and, to a lesser degree, sheep represent a high percentage of all the livestock in our islands. Better and better performances in milk yields are being recorded, which are in turn reflected in cheese production. Due to the high degree of technical specification of the farms, complementary feeds and cereal mixes are indispensable.

Graneros’ technical staff will advise you and make formulations to adapt your needs to the productive conditions of your farm, existing forage and available feeds. Furthermore, we have complementary and specific standard mixtures for each type of forage (alfalfa, silo maize, etc.).

High-yield goats
Our products such as mixtures or feeds for high production present protein values of 17% and fat of 3.8%, which are ideal to achieve and maintain high milk production.

Medium-yield goats
The needs of this group of goats are less, and for this reason their requirements are reduced to a UFL of 70 with higher fibre values.

Kid goats and machorras (7-8 months old)
Kid goats are another source of income on farms, and for this reason we have made a feed specifically for them so as to be able to reduce the level of diarrhoea and so that they can achieve high levels of musculature which is reflected in a greater final weight.