We design made-to-measure feeds for each one of the categories with the objective of obtaining greater rates of fertility in females, and a high rate of conversion in the final product.

Sows in general
When they are breeding animals, we design an exclusive feed to cover a wider range of general needs without distinguishing between pregnant females, nursing females and breeding boars.

Pregnant sows
We have feeds for pregnant sows in which, apart from the energy, we check the supplies of fibre so that they are at optimum levels.

Piglets with the mother
Such a delicate stage as this requires feeds which stimulate the intestinal micro-flora so as to reduce the diarrhoeic processes after weaning.

Nursery pigs
After weaning and up to 25 kg, piglets receive a feed with a high protein content and essential amino-acids such as triptophane, metionine and lisine.

Starter pigs
From 25 to 60 kilos, this is the growth stage at which the animal still needs high levels of energy and protein but to a lesser extent than at the previous stage.

Grower-finisher pigs
Finally we reach the grower-finisher stage, where the most important thing is that the animal should have developed correctly so as to achieve its ideal weight in the least time possible.

Pigs in general
If what you wish is simplicity in handling your pigs at the fattening phase, we have a unique feed for this entire stage.