This sector is similar to the laying hens thanks to the high degree of technology in the production, for which reason we develop specific feeds for the different ages of the hens.

Up to seven days
Up to seven days of age, we begin with feeds which are rich in protein, amino acids, phosphorus and calcium so that the chicken will cover all its needs for formation of its main tissues.

Up to twenty-one days
The following stage is covered by feeds with one point less of protein but the metabolisable energy is increased up to 3000 kcal/kg.

Finishing phase
The finishing phase is covered with a feed with less protein and with decreasing amino acid values because the growth needs are already covered from previous phases.

Free-range chicken
For free range chickens, we have a single feed, which presents intermediate values for protein 18% and fat 3.5%, which guarantees uniform growth of the birds.