The level of local supply of livestock products to the Canarian population is still low and the majority has to be imported. Nevertheless, professional livestock-keeping in the islands has a significant role not only as regards meat, egg and dairy derivatives production but also – due to its characteristic of being a traditional although highly technical livestock-keeping – as an activity which protects the landscape and the natural environment as well as maintaining jobs which are beneficial for the diversification of the economic structure of the territory.


  • Graneros de Tenerife has always had the aim of  attending to that demand by not only making top-quality products but also by advising all professionals who have trusted its brands through its team of experts. The production is concentrated, in this regard, on animal feeds for intensive livestock-keeping. The formulation is adapted to the technological needs of current operations, which is achieved with the support of technical staff of our own (vets, food scientists, chemists and agricultural engineers). They are experts with wide experience and training. All this productive effort is not only channelled into direct sales to livestock-keepers but also through an extensive network of wholesalers and retailers in the primary sector who have won the confidence of their customers over many years.