Over the last few years, Graneros de Tenerife has made quality a key element in the definition of its competitive strategy and has made quality one of the essential values of its corporate culture.

A team of people devotes 100% of its time to safeguarding the quality of the products of  Graneros de Tenerife. The laboratory, based in the Mayorazgo factory, carries out two important tasks: on the one hand, it monitors the raw materials purchased, the product manufactured and everything concerning food safety guarantees.

Levels of commitment: In order to achieve sustainable quality, we have included among our levels of commitment:

1. Monitoring: initially, our efforts were aimed at setting up the necessary controls to guarantee quality. We are now in a position to achieve a perfect agreement between the product as designed and that delivered to the customer.

2. Management: having achieved the quality controls a further step was taken towards quality management where it was our aim to manufacture quality in a sustained manner. For this purpose, it was necessary to develop a system based on three pillars:

• Professional Excellence: by means of an ongoing training plan. • Advice: through direct and intensive contact of our technical staff with the Market. • Our own formulation: using the ingredients according to the real values of our laboratory, not the theoretical tables.

The fulfilment of the ISO 9001:2000 standards at our production centre in 2006 provided us with a system of Quality Management which means that any of our products can be produced under strict quality standards.

Analysis and Services: Graneros de Tenerife develops analytical techniques using Near Infrared Spectrophotometry (NIRS); this is an effective tool which improves the time for the analysis of raw materials and the feeds prepared.



Systems of quality control by means of our own procedures of feed formulation and analysis of the raw materials by means of the NIRS system: the NIRS technology is a non-destructive technique which enables us to obtain quantitative or qualitative analysis of feeds and raw materials of different analytical parameters, such as: protein, fibre, fats, ash, moisture, starch, etc., in approximately one minute without any need to mill the sample. All these characteristics make NIR Spectrophotometry a means of ensuring a large number of advantages in comparison with other analytical techniques in at-line quality control (off the production line).



Formulation of animal feeds and diets by means of professional programmes under the control of specialist nutritionists: by means of this system, the nutritional technician creates an interactive formulation where it is possible to value the ingredients included in the formula, the ingredients rejected, the nutritional value of the formula, the sensitivity of the ingredients and limiting nutrients and the relevant prices of the ingredients. This system makes it possible to vary the minima and maxima of the ingredients and nutrients  as well as their prices automatically reformulating the formula and analysing the differences between formulas.


By means of this system, it is possible to carry out parametric analysis of the prices, the maxima and minima of both the ingredients and the nutrients and their nutritional values. This system makes it possible to optimise the formulas from the nutritional and economic point of view.


In this quality process, a system of traceability is applied through management and production software, guaranteeing control of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process at all times.





The Quality Department of Graneros de Tenerife is made up of a veterinary nutrologist and a chemist for the conduct of the analytical tests.  There is also a staff veterinarian who offers technical assistance and supervision of the customers’ livestock operations.

The guarantee of the quality of the raw materials used and of the production and quality systems of  Graneros de Tenerife make it possible to guarantee the proper feed to each customer, improving productivity and the production quality of our customers. We are the largest Canarian company in terms of the volume of feed manufactured and marketed with a significant market share which reinforces the result of the products and customer satisfaction.